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"Zareen represented us when we sold our house in Fort Worth and she made the process extremely smooth and pleasurable. She is so professional, attentive to details, accessible at all times, and such a wonderful person to do business with. We ended up in a multiple offer situation where time is of essence and she handled it superbly. Our house sold in 9 days at an over asking price! Success all around."

-Chris S.

"Zareen is always on top of her game. Her knowledge of real estate — including investment properties is impressive. If you want someone that goes above and beyond the call of duty, you can do no better than hiring Zareen."

-Larry S.

"Zareen is consistently the most reliable person on details and follow up that I've ever worked with in this business."

-Steve T.

"I was buying my first home and had no idea what I was doing. Zareen asked a lot of relevant questions and really took the time to listen to my feedback. She did a great job of taking in all the information and organizing it for me. She was there from beginning to end throughout the entire process. She helped me set my budget and decide on the type of house I needed and wanted. She previewed several types of houses in very different neighborhoods and made the search process much more streamlined and efficient. She found my home in a neighborhood that I had never even heard of that was PERFECT for me. Then Zareen met with the inspectors and appraisers so I wouldn't have to take off work. Because she's an attorney, she also helped me understand the closing documents which made me feel very confident. At every step, Zareen was extremely thoughtful and responsive and made it a friendly working environment. She really made me feel like I was the only person she was working with. She's not pushy and let me do things on my own timeline. All in all, she made a very stressful situation very manageable."

-Kayci S.

"I am single and wanted to buy a house that I could eventually rent out. Finding an older, affordable home that wasn't a complete rehab was important. So was being in a location that is easily accessible to multiple freeways because I drive around a lot for my job. Safety was another factor. Zareen put together a search in several different areas from the M Streets to Kessler Park to the White Rock area. We'd go out on Monday evening, then again on Tuesday and Thursday. She also encouraged me to drive around and scour the Internet to find homes I was interested in seeing. The home she found for me in Kessler Park met all my goals but was in foreclosure, which could have made buying a length process. Her contacts, knowledge and persistence enabled me to close the deal in less than two months."

- April H.

"We've been married for about eight years and took a lot of time to save up the money to buy our home before we were about to have our first baby. We chose Zareen as our realtor because she's extraordinarily intelligent and just really professional. The thing that really sets her apart is her legal background. I knew nothing would fall through the cracks, and she made us confident she knew what to do. We had a checklist of what we wanted, and she found houses that met the majority of items. Most important was being in a neighborhood near one of Fort Worth's two top-rated elementary schools. We were in a 1,200- square-foot house and wanted to double the size. She was really respectful of our needs and didn't push us on the upper end of our price range, which would have been more beneficial to her. She was also an excellent listener, not only to me but also my husband. Everything went very smoothly. Even when there were issues with the house, like needing a new electrical panel and the one- year Home Owners Warranty, she worked language into the contract to cover it. Working with Zareen has been a wonderful experience. She's friendly and charming and we didn't have to worry about anything because she's so thorough and knowledgeable."

- Amanda and Andy L.

"Zareen found our short sale listing on Craigslist and approached us. She and her team provided a very critical service to us because we didn't know how to overcome the situation with our bank and were losing hope. During six months of previous efforts, we kept running into brick walls as we tried to sell our home and avoid going into foreclosure. Zareen was legally equipped to deal with the situation and served as our liaison with our difficult lender. She and her team confidently assisted us in navigating uncharted, dangerous waters when property values were in the tank along with the U.S. economy and living in the country was not a big selling point. They knew how to motivate realtors and buyers with pricing reductions until we found the right buyers to wrap up the deal. Zareen really lifted this enormous burden from our shoulders and was ALWAYS accommodating, kind, professional and went the extra mile to provide information and updates. We started sleeping again once we saw that our situation was in the best possible hands. We endured a 30-day delay on the closing, but she kept us informed, which kept us sane, even during moment-to- moment developments at the very end. Zareen was also emotionally supportive.

I could tell she really cared. She encouraged us not to be discouraged and to keep our situation in perspective because many other good people were dealing with the same issues in the terrible economy. We cannot thank Zareen and her team enough for all they've done for our family. We'll always refer to her as our miraculous deliverance."

-Kirsten and Harvey S.
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